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Cherry Blossom Jasper

Cherry Blossom Jasper

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Known as the stone of dreamers, Cherry Blossom Agate is also called Flower Agate and Sakura Agate. This ethereal crystal has a gentle, nourishing energy resembling a field of flowers. The circles and dots represent seeds and the flowers represent the blossom, reminding you that we among many things begin as seeds, then blossom and grow. This crystal helps us envision the process of growth, while honoring and appreciating each part of the process. 

More Metaphysical Properties of Cherry Blossom Agate include: 

  • Helps you reach your highest potential

  • Protects you from fears and self-doubt

  • Inspires you to manifest and nurture your dreams 

  • Its energy ignites a passion to live life to the fullest

  • Perfect for entrepreneurs 

  • Especially beneficial to Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo

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