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Lavender Bath Salt - Classic Jar

Lavender Bath Salt - Classic Jar

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This bath salt is made with simple, organic ingredients in order to give you the best soak ever. Here's a breakdown of all of the ingredients:


Lavender Buds symbolize serenity, luxury, cleanliness and they provide a relaxing aroma.


Epsom Salt relaxes your muscles, soothes pain, restores your nervous system, and alleviates stress.


Lavender Essential Oil is what gives this bath soak such an indulgent smell of lavender. A staple in aromatherapy, this oil promotes relaxation and is used to treat anxiety, fungal infections, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.


Organic Olive Oil softens and nourishes the skin while you bathe, leaving your skin moisturized and hydrated.


12 ounces

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One of our cult-favorite scents.

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